Keynote: preparation, presentation, participation, and social amplification


By: Bill Mew

Bill is an experienced, inspiring and engaging speaker. He has delivered compelling keynotes at a range of private forums and top industry conferences, has often also chaired events and moderated debates. He also brings with his participation great social amplification as he is one of the top global social influencers on topics from Cloud and Privacy, to Govtech and HealthTech.


3 day engagement:

  1. Taking the brief and agreeing an initial outline
  2. Pre-event social amplification, and preparation of draft presentation for approval
  3. Attendance and participation throughout the day including delivery and social amplification


Example of previous presentation:

Bill Mew’s Cloud Wars keynote from the NetSuite EMEA Kickoff in January 2016, delivered to an audience of European business partners. A spectacular presentation, with insights that have stood the test of time and are still relevant today. See video here


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