Meet Bill Mew

Bill is a leading tech industry speaker, thought leader, campaigner and influencer. He is focused on making a real difference for the cloud sector in the UK. He’s not just a strategist though, he makes things happen.

Previously a global leader for the world’s top fintech firm (a $26Bn division of IBM) and currently a strategist for the UK’s top govtech firm (UKCloud), Bill is a prolific blogger and speaker on a variety of issues such as privacy, cloud, govtech and OpenStack. He is also one of the world’s top social media influencers on these topics, and offers strategic advice on competitive differentiation and also on content and influencer marketing.

Campaigner for Open Cloud

Bill is one of the top global advocates for Open Cloud, and OpenStack in particular, focusing on ensuring that customers have a choice and that they won’t be locked in to proprietary vendor cloud technology stacks. How has Bill made a real difference in 2017 and into 2018?

Campaigner for Privacy

With the imminent arrival of GDPR. Privacy is a major focus for companies of all kinds, not least of which are the cloud firms that will act as data processors. Bill is a massive advocate for privacy and a focus on ethics, responsibility and trust rather than on the fear and fines that have been the focus of much GDPR debate. How has Bill made a real difference in 2017 and into 2018?

Campaigner for Cloud use in the UK Public Sector and the important role that SMEs have to play

UKCloud has played a pivotal role over the last few years in supporting the UK government’s digital transformation agenda, and helping the UK public sector reach the point where last year it was recognised by the United Nations as the number one e-Government in the world. Bill has also championed the SME agenda and the role that G-Cloud should have in ensuring that there is a level playing field for local UK cloud players to compete on equal terms. He frequently campaigns to hold the government to account in terms of progress on both the digital transformation agenda and SME agenda. How has Bill made a real difference in 2017 and into 2018?

Campaigner for Multi-Cloud

Bill is also a leading advocate for multi-cloud, focusing on the fact that most public cloud environments are great for new applications and workloads, but that the main headache for most customers is what to do with their existing and legacy applications. Most large organisations have a heterogenous technology estate with Oracle workloads, Microsoft ones and other virtualized workloads as well. No one cloud is best for all of these and Bill advocates a pragmatic, multicloud approach. How has Bill made a real difference in 2017 and into 2018?

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“90% of all content marketing gets NO reaction. That’s massive wasted effort and opportunity cost” - DON'T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE

We are in a new era in which old marketing techniques are providing diminishing returns and a set of new disciplines are taking hold.

  • Content Marketing requires great expertise and communications, typically in the form of writing skills to create blogs, papers and articles and presentation skill to convey insights remotely via audio or video or in person via coaching and keynote delivery.
  • Influencer Marketing requires great reach to maximise amplification as well as connections to and influence over the other key influencers across the social spectrum.
  • Social Selling requires the ability to sustain a compelling and relevant social persona as a means of creating relationships with key influencers and decision makers.








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